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I am adventure soul whom love to take photographs. Many of my friends told me to go professional. So I listened to them. My focus is portraits and candid moments, specially when I am able to express all the feelings within the photograph as it was alive.

I am constantly reading a literature about photography, watching lectures or listening podcasts. I need to learn and practise to deliver the best possible result for you!

To get to know me, see my pictures. Or my YouTube videos. To meet me, come to my lectures or dialogues when available. The news you can get in my newsletter or check my blog/calendar.

What you get?

You are not paying me for the photograph, you pay me for the experience. And the 10 years of developing skills, all books I read, tutorials I watched, lectures I listened and for many failures I've made. All of this to deliver you the result which will last ages.

Awards & Nominations:

So far none. But I am expecting some soon.

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