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Bucket List

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Empty bucket for my bucket list

  1. DOG SLED - Drive a dog sled. Winter option.

  2. DOG SLED WITH A KICKBIKE - Drive a dog kickbike sled. Summer option.

  3. VISIT SWEDEN - Visit and hike in Sweden. Specially in the North!

  4. LEARN SWEDISH - Learn Swedish language to be able to speak while traveling.

  5. HIKE 100 km - Hike 100 km at one long trek.

  6. HIKE 200 km - Hike 200 km at one long trek.

  7. HIKE 500 km - Hike 500 km at one long trek.

  8. HIKE 1000 km - Hike 1000 km at one long trek

  9. HIKE 2000 km - Hike 2000 km at one long trek.

  10. ✔︎ RIDE RAPIDS (WW II) - Ride a canoe in white waters with difficulty at least WW II. Only 2 km short distance but several times.

  11. SPEAK IN FRONT OF MILION PEOPLE - Give speech in front of million people. To inspire.

  12. LEARN TO PROPER DANCE - Learn to proper dance with love of my life. Practise, perhaps for a wedding.

  13. GET LOST AND FOUND MYSELF - Lost in the wild and find the way back.

  14. SELL A FINE-ART PRINT FOR A $10,000 - Create a fine-art print and sell it as a nice "painting" on the wall for a $10,000.

  15. SPEND A NIGHT UNDER THE STARS WITH A LOVE - Spend a night under the stars, without any artificial light, with a love one.

  16. SEE AURORA BOREALIS - See northern lights.

  17. HIKE PCT - Hike Pacific Crest Trail and create a photo book from it.

  18. HIKE CDC - Hike Continental Divided Trail and create a photo book from it.

  19. OWN FILM LEIVA M CAMERA - Owned a Leica M-A camera with a 35mm lens.


  21. OWN A LAND WHERE I WILL LIVE - Buy a land to live at, build a log cabin.

  22. BE MENTOR - Becoming a mentor for someone


  24. JUMP WITH A PARACHUTE - Jump alone after a training

  25. HIKE HUSOVA CESTA - Hike 800 km via Bohemia and Germany (

  26. BECOME A PROFRESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER - Become a paid professional photographer


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